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Ken Scherer

Ken Scherer

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Landscape Ponds: Everything You Should Know Before You Build One

Hardscaping an Attractive Landscape Pond

A pond will make an attractive feature in any landscape. Being able to listen to the rippling water in your backyard allows for a very serene and soothing experience. Also, if you plan to keep yours small, a pond will not be an expensive addition to your yard.

<p.However, lot of decision making goes into installing ponds. They also need a fair amount of maintenance once they are finished. If you want to install a pond, keep reading to see what you should know before you make any final decisions.

Ways to Landscape a Steep Slope Besides Installing Retaining Walls

Landscaping on Slopes

The challenge of working with a sloped landscape cannot be understated. The soil on hills is not stable, so debris can end up in your yard when the soil starts to erode. Most people use retaining walls to deal with this problem, but this is not the only method available.

Take some time to learn about other ways you can work with a steep landscape to keep it stable and aesthetically pleasing.

A Guide for Dealing With Lawn Fungus: Identifying It & Removing It

Combatting Lawn Fungal Diseases

Turf care is important for your lawn, and a major part of it is knowing how to deal with lawn fungus. Fungus can grow anywhere, but poor lawn care can allow it to grow exponentially. Fungal lawn diseases can kill your lawn and turn your landscape into an eyesore, so you should learn how to combat them quickly and efficiently. Read this guide to learn more about lawn fungus, and see what you can do if an outbreak takes place.

Let the Experts Help: Great Design Ideas for Your Patio Installation

Excellent Patio Installation Ideas

A beautiful patio can make a great centerpiece in your backyard, but it can be a lot more. Some people have turned their patios into outdoor bars, and others have installed patios with more artistic designs. By incorporating additional features and specific materials into your patio design, you can make your landscape into the talking point among your friends and family. If you are looking to do something fresh with your patio, check out these ideas for some inspiration.

How Do I Know If I Need a Retaining Wall For My Landscape?

When Should You Build a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are rigid structures that are built to retain soil in a particular location. Under normal circumstances, soil will erode over time, but with a retaining wall that soil will be kept in place. There are also additional benefits to using retaining walls, such as preventing floods during large storms. The cost depends size of the project, and the materials being used, but the benefits more than justify the price.

Retaining walls can be beneficial for certain homeowners, so continue reading and see whether or not you need one for your landscape.

[Infographic] Should I Hire a Landscaper? What to Look Out For

Keeping your yard in good condition is important, especially since there are many factors that can disrupt it. If your yard is suffering from poor drainage or some other problem, you may need to do some landscaping to fix it up. However, landscaping projects are large endeavors, so unless you have a lot of knowledge about it you will need help. With this checklist, determine if you should hire a professional landscaper to help fix up your yard.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season: How You Can Protect Your Landscape

Be Ready for Hurricanes & Other Storms

June is nearly here, which means hurricane season is approaching quickly. From the start of June until the end of November, the area around the Northern Atlantic Ocean experiences a peak in storm activity. Hurricanes are common at this time of year, and they can do a lot of damage to your landscape, even if you do not experience one at peak strength. Use the following tips to prepare your landscape for hurricane season.

Selecting the Best Walkway & Patio Pavers for Your Landscape

Choosing Pavers for Your Landscape

If you are planning to build a walkway, patio, or driveway, you will need pavers for your landscape. Pavers are built from several types of materials, and the materials selected typically depend on the homeowner’s personal tastes. Some pavers are chosen for their aesthetic appeal, while others are chosen for being more practical. If you are planning a landscaping project, take some time to learn about some popular materials used for paver installation.

Great Landscaping Trends That Make for a Low Maintenance Yard

Make Your Landscape Easier to Maintain

To keep your landscape in good condition, you have to be consistent with yard maintenance. From mowing the lawn to watering the plants, there is a lot you have to do to keep your yard looking nice. As a result, it is common for homeowners to forget a few tasks. If you are having trouble maintaining your yard, there are some things you can do to lower the amount of work you need to do each day.

Take advantage of these recent trends and design a landscape that is much easier to keep up with.

4 Things You Need to Know About Dealing With Ticks

Everything to Know About Ticks

Of all the pests you can find in your landscape, ticks are among the worst. Not all of these arachnids are dangerous, but certain types carry deadly diseases, like Lyme disease. You could contract one of these diseases if a tick bites you, so ticks are considered a major problem. Ticks can thrive in several parts of your landscape, so it is crucial that you deal with them if you plan to invite guests over frequently.

If you plan to do some tick control, here is some information you should know about dealing with these pests.

Backyard Landscaping: Ideas for Designing Your Big Spring Project

Eye-Catching Plans for Your Spring Landscape

With the arrival of spring upon us, now is a great time to meet with a landscaping professional if you want to start planning a new landscaping project. Since the weather will be much warmer, you will probably want to invite guests into your backyard more often. Obviously, you want your landscape to look great so you can impress your friends and neighbors. Get inspired by checking out some great ideas you can try out for your landscape this spring.

Spring Cleaning Involves Your Landscape Too: Here’s What to Clean

Preparing Your Landscape for Warmer Weather

When you hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” you probably think about dusting bookshelves and vacuuming along the carpet. While it is important to keep the inside of your house clean, spring cleaning also extends to your landscape. The cold air has probably kept you from doing much cleaning outside, so with the warmer temperatures of spring approaching now is a great time to prepare for spring and summer get-togethers.

Complete the following tasks to give your landscape a proper spring cleaning.

Landscape Drainage Installations & Solutions: What You Should Know

Keeping Your Yard Well-Drained

Maintaining your landscape is a tough responsibility, and one challenge behind this is drainage. Water left behind from long storms can stick around for a while if your landscape has poor drainage, and this can kills plants, damage lawn furniture, and even flood your basement. A well-optimized drainage installation can help protect your yard from the harshest of rainfalls, and Hillsborough Irrigation & Landscape Services can help you.

Read through this post and brush up on everything you need to know about drainage problems and how they can be avoided.

Landscape Drainage Solutions: How to Recover From the Rain

Dealing With the Rain From 2018

According to northjersey.com, 2018 set a record for being the wettest year New Jersey has experienced. Heavy amounts of rainfall were common throughout the year, and some homeowners are still dealing with the aftermath. Drainage problems persist across the state, and anyone who does not have a substantial drainage plan may still be dealing with excess water. To prevent more problems, see how you can develop a strong drainage system before the spring season begins.

Winter-Friendly Trees You Can Plant in Your Yard

Trees That Can Withstand the Cold

If you want to plant new trees in your yard, you might want to consider getting ones that can withstand the cold winter weather. Temperatures can get drastically low during the winter, and if your tree cannot handle the drop it might have trouble surviving through the season. Fortunately, there are several hardy, evergreen trees you can get in New Jersey that are able to handle the cold.

Tips for Protecting Your Landscape During the Winter Season

Winterizing Your Landscape

Winter can be a dangerous period for your outdoor landscape. The drop in temperature, coupled with the occasional bouts of extreme weather can put plants, lawn, sprinkler systems, and more at risk. It is important that you winterize your landscape so you can minimize the amount of damage. Prepare for the upcoming winter season doing the following things as soon as you can.

When is it Time to Schedule Your Seasonal Yard Cleanup?

Signs That You Should Do a Seasonal Cleanup

As a new season arrives, you should take notice of how your landscape is reacting to the different changes it brings. Leaves begin to fall from the trees as autumn begins, and as winter starts the temperature begins to drop. These changes can bring certain issues with them, and can turn your landscape into a bit of a mess.

As you prepare for the changing seasons, keep your eye out for these signs in your yard. If you notice any of them, you may need to schedule a seasonal cleanup soon.

Learn About Yard & Landscape Drainage Solutions

Keeping Your Property Well-Drained

Have you ever noticed large puddles of water around your property after a strong storm hits? If you have, this means that your landscape was not designed with a good drainage system. When excess stormwater is unable to move it builds up in your yard, and this can create serious damage over time. If you have some time, take a few minutes to read about why good drainage is so important, and see how you can implement a landscape drainage solution.

How to Protect Your Lawn From Summer Activities

Keep Your Landscape in Check During the Summer

Summer has arrived, which means people are going to be spending more time out in their yards. Outdoor activities are lots of fun during the summer, but they can also harm your landscape if you are not careful. The heat on its own creates problems for your lawn, but when everyone is outside walking over it more damage can occur. To keep your landscape healthy during this summer season, try using the following tips and tricks.

Why Summer is an Important Time to Think About Drainage

Draining Solutions Are Important During the Summer

If you are thinking about installing a new drainage system in your yard, you might want to think about having this done during the summer. Most people handle drainage installation before winter arrives, since this is when rainfall is usually the most frequent. Despite this, there are few good reasons to get this installation done during the summer. Take some time to read about why you should be thinking about drainage solutions early in the summer.