Tick & Mosquito Spraying

New Jersey is known as a high-risk area for diseases spread by ticks and mosquitos, such as Lymes disease, West Nile virus, and potentially the Zika virus. Fortunately, we can help you combat these pests with our tick and mosquito control services.

Tick Control

Ticks can be found across lawns and wooded areas, and are a risk for both humans and pets. While ticks are most commonly thought of during summer, the New Jersey Department of Health states that they can be found in spring and fall as well. Our tick control and spraying prevents ticks from invading your yard. We can help you determine the best times to conduct a spray treatment and how much you will need

Haven Mosquito Repellant System

Nutone’s Haven Mosquito Repellant System offers two options for areas like patios and walkways. Cartridges can be discreetly hidden inside of a LED landscape light, with each fixture offering 110 square feet of protection. Four fixtures will usually cover an average size patio. Another option is a standard repellant fixture that can be added to any outdoor environment. These are easy to install and can be added to existing low voltage systems. They can be mounted on deck posts, railings, or in the ground through a stake. Each cartridge usually lasts a whole season, and is simple to replace.

Both options come in a black or bronze finish.

Ready to protect your lawn from ticks and mosquitos?

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