Hillsborough, NJ

Hillsborough: it’s our home and yours as well. Whether it’s a simple winterization of your sprinkler, or a whole new landscape design , we can help you with your landscape and irrigation needs. Trust Hillsborough Irrigation & Landscape Services to help get the job done.

What Our Customers Say

“We lost several large shrubs during Hurricane Sandy and we wanted to replace them. The owner, Ken, came out to look at the work needed and we discussed the option of redoing the whole front landscape, which was overgrown. He also offered to reset the paving stones on the front walk near the front porch, where they were heaving up and creating a tripping hazard.

We were given two estimates, one for just replacing the lost shrubs and another alternative for a complete rework of the foundation plantings. Both estimates included the paver repair. We found the larger estimate reasonable and decided to go ahead and completely replace the front foundation plantings. We are very pleased with the result: the choice of plants, landscape design, and walk repair.

The sprinkler repair was completed on a subsequent visit. The workers arrived on time and did the job well.”
-Patricia D.

“My backyard has flooded for years after a heavy rain or snow. Almost a lake. The drainage system solved my problem at a reasonable cost. Very responsive and helpful service. Ken is a great guy. Easy to work with, highly trustworthy. Definitely recommend for all irrigation and drainage jobs.”
- Marc R.

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