Residential & Commercial Irrigation Installation in Hillsborough, NJ

Designing the ideal system for your landscape begins with an irrigation evaluation – a detailed review of each area of your property. Our experienced irrigation experts consider and plan for soil type, and specific turf and plant requirements. We take into consideration varying elevations, system efficiency, and your ideal watering schedule. We’ll also identify and solve any existing problems that may be the result of improper watering.

We will then provide a precise estimate and install your system with minimal disruption to your existing landscape upon your approval. Your irrigation system will include a multi-functional controller – the “brain” that manages timers, measures moisture levels, and includes a rain sensor. The system will apply the right amount of water to each area of your yard efficiently and automatically, ensuring that over watering does not occur during rainy seasons.

Installing a top quality and efficient automatic sprinkler system is a complex task. That’s why it is wise to hire a qualified, professional irrigation company. Hillsborough Irrigation professionals are highly trained and skilled in hydraulics, proper sprinkler system layout, soil types and plant watering needs. Our expertise will help ensure a water-efficient system and years of trouble-free operation.