Eye-Catching Plans for Your Spring Landscape

With the arrival of spring upon us, now is a great time to meet with a landscaping professional if you want to start planning a new landscaping project. Since the weather will be much warmer, you will probably want to invite guests into your backyard more often. Obviously, you want your landscape to look great so you can impress your friends and neighbors. Get inspired by checking out some great ideas you can try out for your landscape this spring.

Opt for Native Plants


If you are looking to put in some new plants for the spring season, native plants are your best bet. Plants that grow outside your region can help your landscape stand out, but since they do not naturally grow in your area they require a lot more upkeep. By opting for native plants you do not have to worry about watering them as much, reducing maintenance costs.

There are plenty of beautiful plants that naturally grow in New Jersey, and our landscaping experts will help you find the best ones for your yard. Not only are native plants easy to maintain, their strong roots help keep your soil from eroding. In addition, they will also attract a light amount of wildlife, which can create a great scene in your backyard.

Apply Mulch

Wheelbarrow and Mulch

Anyone planning to set up a garden during the spring should consider having mulch applied around the plants. Mulch is an effective tool, since it helps plants retain moisture and stay insulated during the colder days of the early spring season. It is also good to have for the long-term, since the mulch can protect your plants when winter arrives later in the year.

Not only does mulch help keep your plants alive, but it also adds a unique touch of color to your landscape. Mulch comes in a variety of textures and colors, and when applied correctly it can make your landscape pop. One of our landscaping experts can help you select the best kind of mulch for your yard.

Curved Edging for Gardens

A common practice for building gardens in an outdoor landscape is to install edging around the area where the plants are going. This edging makes it easy to define where the garden is in your yard, and makes it harder for rocks or mulch to spill onto your lawn. If you want your garden to really stand out, you might want to consider using curved edging instead of the standard straight designs.

By using curved edging, you can create an eye-catching shape for your garden that guests will remember. In addition, it also keeps the lawn from growing into your garden, which helps keep your plants safe and healthy. There are lots of materials you can use for edging, including concrete and stones, and we can help you find what works best for your yard.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Outside Home

Another common tool used for spring landscapes is outdoor lighting. Homeowners like to spend time outside at night when it gets warmer, and outdoor lights can help illuminate your landscape so you can spend more time in your backyard. In addition, these lights can highlight particular features in your landscape so you can show them off to neighbors or friends who are visiting.

Hillsborough Irrigation & Landscape Services can install several energy efficient bulbs in your landscape that will stay lit for long periods of time. Our bulbs come from Kichler Landscape Lighting, and are perfect for outdoor settings. Get some outdoor lighting set up to get your landscape ready for spring visitors.

Hillsborough Irrigation & Landscape Services can help you with your landscaping endeavors. Interested in learning more?