Dealing with Common Outdoor Lighting Issues

Outdoor lighting is a great addition to any yard, especially when you want spotlight particular architectural features. While it is quite helpful, outdoor lighting products can start having issues from time to time. Many of these issues are common, so people have been able to develop solutions that can help deal with them. Continue reading to learn how you can fix common issues that can affect outdoor lighting systems.

Faulty Connections

A common issue that plagues many lighting systems is a faulty connection in the wires. Bad connections can end up happening when water makes its way into the system. Connectors are usually buried into the ground, so it is not difficult for water to make its way into an unprotected connector during a heavy downpour. In a worst-case scenario the water could end up short circuiting the entire lighting system.

The best way to prevent this issue is by making sure your lighting system is completely waterproof. Many contractors install waterproof lighting systems, so it is not hard to take care of this issue. If you let your system short circuit you could have to replace the entire thing, and that could cost a lot of money. Even worse, if do not take care of this issue promptly you get electrocuted by the hazardous system.

Bulbs Burning Out

A Light Bulb

Another issue that pops up in lighting systems involves lightbulbs that are burning out quickly. Outdoor lighting bulbs are designed to last for a good amount of time, so if they are burning in a short amount of time something is probably wrong. Most of the time the issue is caused by the type of bulbs used.

If you are using bulbs that have a high wattage this might be the cause of the problem. High wattage bulbs need a lot of energy, and if your lighting system cannot provide that kind of energy the bulbs will die out very quickly. Try to use bulbs with reasonable wattage to prevent this issue from happening. If your bulbs are still burning out you may want to call in a professional, because there may be something wrong with the system itself.


Example of Corrosion

Source:James Cridland on Flickr

Corrosion is another issue that might cause problems for your exterior lighting system. Corrosion can occur when certain metals are exposed to water. Usually, the bulbs used for the lights produce heat that can keep moisture from building up on wires and fixtures in the system. If something in your system starts corroding that is a good sign that one of the bulbs needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Even if all the bulbs are perfectly fine, there are other ways that corroding can occur. Faulty connections can also allow water to seep into the system and cause corrosion. When this happens it can be a lot harder for electricity to move through the fixtures in your outdoor lighting system. You can apply dielectric silicone compounds around the bases of the lamps in your yard to help prevent corrosion.

Fixing Issues with Hard-Wired Lights

Lit Up House

If you use hard-wired lights and are having issues with them there a few things you can do to take care of them. First, go to the main electrical panel and turn off the circuit breaker so you can examine your lights without getting hurt.

Once this is done, examine the lights and wires in your yard so you can figure out if anything is disconnected or broken. As an example, bulbs can sometimes get loose, which can cause problems with the lighting. After everything has been checked out, turn the circuit breaker back on to see if the issue has been fixed.

Problems with Solar Lights

If you have solar lights set up in your yard, any issues you encounter may have been caused by the internal sensors used to power them. These sensors allow solar lights to illuminate when they are in contact with a powerful source of light, usually supplied by the moon. If you have hard-wired lights set up in your yard do not place solar lights near them, because this new source of light may make it hard for the solar lights to illuminate at the right time.

On top of this, the rechargeable batteries used in solar lights may also be the source of the problem. These batteries may come loose when the lights are installed into the ground, so if there are any lighting issues check to see if the batteries are locked into place. If you have been using solar lights for a long time and they start to dim the batteries may be losing their charge, and they may need to be replaced.

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