Keeping Your Yard Well-Drained

Maintaining your landscape is a tough responsibility, and one challenge behind this is drainage. Water left behind from long storms can stick around for a while if your landscape has poor drainage, and this can kills plants, damage lawn furniture, and even flood your basement. A well-optimized drainage installation can help protect your yard from the harshest of rainfalls, and Hillsborough Irrigation & Landscape Services can help you.

Read through this post and brush up on everything you need to know about drainage problems and how they can be avoided.

Water from Rainfall Does Not Leave Easily


No matter the season, heavy rainfall can always pose a major threat to your landscape. Storms leave behind massive amounts of water, and if your landscape is not prepared for the influx of water then you will be stuck with massive puddles in your yard. Rainwater typically settles into low areas in your yard, so if your landscape is uneven then the water will pocket up inside these dips in the ground.

This problem can become much worse if you have poorly optimized downspout drains. These drains are designed to catch water and deposit it away from your house and out onto the street, but if the water cannot move after being dispensed then it just stays in your yard. As branches and leaves fall from the trees the gutters can get clogged too, which can also create issues.

Yes, the water will evaporate eventually, but that process can take much longer during cloudier seasons.

Poor Drainage Damages Your Landscape

Flooded Yard

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So what can happen if excess rainwater cannot be diverted elsewhere? Lots of things, and none of them are good for you or your landscape. For starters, your lawn will get trampled by the excess water, and will be at risk of dying. Even worse, if the water stays too close to your house, there is a good chance it could flow inside and flood the basement.

Large pools of water are also very attractive to rodents and insects, including termites and mosquitos, so you could be at risk of an infestation if you cannot drain the water. Last, and definitely not least, the excess water can weaken the structural foundation of your actual house. That alone should be cause for concern. If your landscape has trouble draining rainwater, then you could end up dealing with one of these major issues.

How to Help Your Landscape

Landscape Area

If you are suffering from serious drainage problems, we can help you combat them. One option we offer is to install a pipe to your downspout drains to help move water back towards the street so it can get into one of the local sewer drains. We can also help you install permeable pavers in your yard so the water has an easier time funneling back into the soil. If the issues are far more potent, then you may need a stronger drainage solution set up in your yard. From French drains to dry wells, Hillsborough Irrigation offers several options that can help keep water from filling up in your yard. We can have a team of experts come out to your yard for an inspection to see what solution would be best for you.

Deciding When to Begin Installation

Installing a brand new drainage solution for your landscape requires a considerable amount of time and planning. Therefore, it is important to decide early on when you want to have your drainage solution installed.

The summer season is seen as a good time to install one of these systems, since the soil is dry and easier to dig up. It might not be wise to have this done during the spring, since the defrosting of snow and ice can create too much moisture for us to work with. Regardless of what you decide on, we will help you protect your lawn from serious water damage.

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