Hardscaping an Attractive Landscape Pond

A pond will make an attractive feature in any landscape. Being able to listen to the rippling water in your backyard allows for a very serene and soothing experience. Also, if you plan to keep yours small, a pond will not be an expensive addition to your yard.

<p.However, lot of decision making goes into installing ponds. They also need a fair amount of maintenance once they are finished. If you want to install a pond, keep reading to see what you should know before you make any final decisions.

Figuring Out Where the Pond Should Go

Backyard Pond

The first step you should take is to determine where the pond should be set up in your landscape. To build a pond, the soil around your property needs to be stable enough to support one. You also do not want to build the pond in a low area, since you do not want runoff water to flood it when it rains.

Try to find a spot where a decent amount of sunlight can hit the pond throughout the day. Having enough sun is important if you want to grow plants or raise fish in the water. Also, avoid building your pond near large trees. The loose leaves will keep falling in, and you will have to keep cleaning them up.

Determining Size & Depth

Koi Fish

Once you have determined where the pond should go, you need to figure out how big it will be. Take the time to outline the area to get an idea of how much space the pond should take up in your yard. Try to aim for a smaller pond if you do not want to spend a lot of money.

You should also think about how deep you want the pond to be. If you want to raise fish in your pond, you should try to aim for at least three feet deep. For raising aquatic plants, you should go for around two feet deep.

Consult with your landscaper to determine the best size and depth for the pond.

What Should You Plant Inside The Pond?

Water Lillies

Most people who have ponds use them to grow an assortment of aquatic plants. These plants thrive in water, and can add a strong sense of beauty to your landscape. They also help oxygenate the water, which will be helpful if you want to raise fish. If you are looking for plants to go with your new pond, here are some recommendations.

Water lilies are among the most popular aquatic plants. They are great to have since they eat algae, which prevents a buildup of them in the pond. Water lettuce is another excellent choice for ponds.

Submerged plants are great for providing oxygen and getting rid of unnecessary nutrients. Some popular submerged plants include arrowheads and eelgrass.

The Supplies You Will Need

Water Pump

To maintain your pond, you will need a few different supplies. First, you will need some liner to cover up the bottom of the pond. This will help retain the water in the pond, and keep it from spilling out. The amount you need is determined by the length, width, and depth of the pond, so take the time to get accurate measurements.

You will also need a pump to keep the water level even. Water will evaporate over time, so a strong pump will be needed if you plan to build a larger pond. Finally, you will need a filter to clean out the water so the pump does not get clogged up.,/p>

Work with your landscaper to determine the best equipment to use for your project.

Maintaining Your Pond

Before you finalize your plans for a pond, you should be prepared to do a fair amount of maintenance. Here are just a few of the things expected of you.

Every once in a while, you should use a skimmer to clean out leaves and other things sitting on the surface of the water. You also need to check the water level, and be sure to fill it up if the level seems too low. Take the time to test the water to make sure algae is not building up inside. This should not be a big issue if you have aquatic plants, but you should take the time to test it just to be safe.

Finally, if you have fish in the pond you will need to feed them every day. If you want to have a pond in your yard, you are expected to stay consistent with pond maintenance.

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