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Home Drainage Solutions for Citizens of Hillsborough

Maintaining a well-drained yard is an important task for all homeowners. Heavy storms can leave behind a lot of water, so if you do not have a way to properly drain excess stormwater you could run into a lot of trouble. If the water cannot be drained it may flow towards your house, and this can either flood your basement or damage the building’s foundations. In addition, the pools of water left behind by storms can either damage your lawn or attract a mosquito infestation. Hillsborough Irrigation offers a wide variety of drainage installations that can prevent these problems from happening. Our experts will walk you through the process and will help you select the best drainage solution for your yard. Once your choice has been made we will send our landscaping team to your house to begin the installation.

Our drainage solutions are guaranteed to get rid of excess stormwater, even during the harshest of weather conditions. Typically, it is a good idea to install a drainage solution during the summer, since it will be easier to dig up the soil when it is dry. This would also be wise because it can help protect your landscape from dangerous hurricanes.

Drainage Installations We Offer

At Hillsborough Irrigation we offer many different types of drainage installations. You can read more about them below.


French Drain

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Dry Well

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French Drain – A draining system that utilizes perforated piping inside a small trench that will be dug up in the yard. Rainwater will flow inside the trench and enter the pipe. The pipe will then transport the excess water away from your property. Dry Well – An underground well that captures rainwater. These wells have holes in them that help the water soak into the ground after is has been collected.


Downspout Drain

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Underground Catch Basin

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Downspout Drain – A system of pipes that helps drain water caught in your gutter. The water is diverted through the pipes and is transported away from the house. Catch Basin – Underground boxes that catch rainwater and send it away from the house via a route of underground pipes.


Permeable Paver Design

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Channel Drain

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Permeable Pavers – Method of paving that can be used for walkways or patios. The pavers have extra space between them, allowing rainwater to easily sink between the concrete and into the ground. Channel Drain – A long drain that catches water through a grate. It is especially effective at draining water that lingers on a patio or driveway.


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