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Seasonal Yard Cleanups

If you want to keep your landscape in good condition, you should think about having a season yard cleanup done. The changes brought by each new season can pose a threat to your yard, and can seriously harm your lawn and plants. When leaves start falling from the trees and weeds start popping up in on the ground, you should schedule a yard cleanup as soon as possible.

Hillsborough Irrigation & Landscape Services offers yard cleanups for different times of the year. You can have a cleanup done in the spring to prepare for the summer, and you can do one in late fall to get your lawn ready for the winter. You can also prepare for the fall season by having one done in late summer. We can focus on cleaning up your yard so you can focus on more important tasks.

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Services Offered With a Cleanup

When you sign up for a seasonal yard cleanup we will provide you with a number of services so your yard will stay in pristine condition. Take a minute to read over the different services our cleanup package will get you.

  • Leaf & Debris Removal – Fallen leaves, branches, and other types of debris can make your lawn look messy. We will clear your lawn and make it spotless.
  • Weed Control – Improper weed removal can lead to an outbreak of these obnoxious growths. Our cleanup crew will help get rid of weeds and prevent new ones from growing in.
  • Lawn Fertilization – We can fertilize your lawn to ensure that it stays healthy during harsh weather conditions. Our five-step fertilization process will help your grass stay green throughout the year.
  • Re-seeding Damaged Areas – Is there a particular area in your yard that is missing grass? We will re-seed these damaged areas so grass can grow back in.
  • Flower Bed Cleanup – As part of our cleanup process, we will clean up any flower beds in your yard. This process involves removing debris, weeds, dead plants, and any other plants you do not want around in a particular season.
  • Mulching – Want to give your plants extra protection? We will add a layer of protective mulch around your flower beds to keep them safe from harsh temperatures, water runoff, and soil erosion.
  • Perennial Plant Maintenance – Unlike annual plants, perennial plants live throughout multiple seasons. During the cleanup our team will make sure these plants are given the proper supplements.
  • Lawn Aeration – This process involves poking holes into the soil around your yard. Fertilizer, air, and water will have an easier time reaching the roots of your lawn as a result.

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