Hillsborough, NJ

Lawn Fertilization, Restoration, and Weed Control

If you want to have a nice looking yard you need to make sure that your lawn is in good health. Hillsborough Irrigation and Landscape Services offers lawn fertilization and restoration services that can help you keep your lawn in good shape. Our high quality fertilizer will help your grass grow firm roots, which will allow it to stay strong and green during harsh conditions.

If you are having trouble dealing with weeds in your yard we also offer weed control services. Many different weeds, such as dandelions and crabgrass, are not pleasant to look at, and they can ruin your yard’s overall image. Our herbicides can help you keep unsightly weeds off your lawn so your yard will keep looking beautiful.

The Five Step Fertilization Program

At Hillsborough, we utilize a five-step fertilization program to make sure your lawn is healthy and weed-free throughout the year. The process works like this:

  • Early Spring we fertilize the lawn and apply a pre-emergent herbicide, to control summer grassy weeds like crabgrass.
  • Late Spring we do a second round of fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide to ensure complete crabgrass control.
  • Once Summer arrives we apply a fertilizer + grub prevention and surface insect control. We also check the lawn for Nutsedge, a summer weed common in New Jersey.
  • Our Fall application fertilizes the lawn with high Nitrogen and Potassium helping with recovery from Summer stress. We also do additional nutsedge control if needed.
  • Late Fall, early Winter is the time for Lime. Which conditions the soil and prepares it for next season.

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