Landscape curb appeal has to value points: how good your yard looks in the day, and how it impresses at night. Although the dark won’t allow you to see most of your manicured lawn and meticulously trimmed shrubs, there is one feature that can really make it shine: landscape lighting. Outdoor & landscape lighting isn’t meant to show off your entire lawn at night. Instead, its strategic placement turns your home into a thing of wonder, highlighting specific features of landscape design for aesthetic and safety.

There are three (3) kinds of landscape lighting to consider; when tastefully placed and combined, they can truly make your home the highlight of the block:

1. Accent Lights

Accent Lights

Accent light are where you get your true curb appeal from landscape lighting. This is what will give your home a grand effect at night, if not ethereal. Accent lights need to be strategically placed to showcase your favorite landscape design or architectural features at night. These transform the stone façade of your Tudor home into a fairytale cottage and the statue on your lawn into a nymph’s grotto at night. Even to highlight an elegant weeping tree will create a stunning show of light and shadow. In short, if you want a wow factor for your landscape design, you can’t skip on the accent lights.

2. Walkway Lights

Walkway Lights

When it comes to elegance and safety, walkway lights are a necessity. After installing your paved walkway or patio, use these lights to outline the landscape feature. From a distance, they will gracefully mark the trail, creating an enchanting effect.

They are also excellent for safety. You might park in the attached garage and come in through the connected door, but guests will almost always use the front door. If they are arriving for a dinner party, the cover of night will mask the walkway. This makes it difficult for them to see where they are going and can cause them to trip on your landscaping or even the front steps. Walkway lighting illuminates their path, so they can easily and safely navigate from the driveway to your door.

Walkway lights also have other benefits: they are very easy to install and since they are powered through solar lighting, they can help you avoid high-energy costs.

3. Floodlights


Hillsborough, NJ and the surrounding are known for their safe neighborhoods and friendly communities. Homeowners still want to take extra precautions to protect their families and property. Floodlights are exceptional for this purpose. They are high-powered lights that shine into a wide area, making them ideal for backyards and driveways. Since they shine very bright, we recommend that you consider your neighbors when installing them. We highly recommend using these with motion sensors so they only turn on when someone or something gets too close to your home.

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