Responsible for keeping your New Jersey lawn healthy and green, your irrigation system is a vital part of your landscaping. However, sprinkler damage can be a serious problem. The following are the three main culprits and causes of sprinkler damage, and you can identify them before they become a serious problem.


1. A Broken Sprinkler Line

How to Identify Broken Sprinkler Lines

What Causes the Problem:

  • A broken line occurs when pressure is continuously applied by compacting soil
  • Digging or burrowing animals can cause a line to break
  • Tree roots can grow, severing or damaging the line

How to Identify the Problem:
A line break will impact at least 2 sprinkler heads. Be sure to note if 2 sprinkler heads…

  • Have a lower water pressure
  • No water
  • Put caps on sprinkler heads in the zone & run the system. Soggy and muddy soil in a specific spot is a sure sign of a broken line.


2. Stuck Sprinkler Valves

Stuck Sprinkler Valve

What Causes the Problem:

  • Debris and small rocks can block the valve in the sprinkler head from closing

How to Identify the Problem:

  • Look for sprinkler heads that are still running after you shut your system off (if the valve can’t close, then the water can’t be blocked.)


3. Burst Sprinkler Pipe


What Causes the Problem:

  • Sprinkler systems that aren’t properly drained before winter can cause the pipes to freeze and burst
  • Pressure from frozen soil

How to Identify the Problem:

  • Large puddles in your yard or even ponding will be at the site of the burst

Note: This is usually a big repair and will absolutely require professional attention. It’s important to prevent this problem by having your system professionally drained and winterized during your fall preparation and cleanup.

Identifying damage and causes is one thing. To fix and keep the integrity of your irrigation system, it’s imperative that you call the professionals at Hillsborough Irrigation & Landscape Services to handle the repair. You can also dramatically decrease your chances of sprinkler system failure by having professional maintenance throughout the year.

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