Make Your Landscape Easier to Maintain

To keep your landscape in good condition, you have to be consistent with yard maintenance. From mowing the lawn to watering the plants, there is a lot you have to do to keep your yard looking nice. As a result, it is common for homeowners to forget a few tasks. If you are having trouble maintaining your yard, there are some things you can do to lower the amount of work you need to do each day.

Take advantage of these recent trends and design a landscape that is much easier to keep up with.

Ideas for Plants

Potted Plants

It takes a lot of work to keep your garden in top condition, so here are somethings you can do to make the process easier for yourself. First, you might want to opt for more potted plants in your landscape. Not only can you move them around wherever you wish, but you do not have to worry about removing weeds.

Another smart option would be to raise native plants that are more suited to your climate. Exotic plants and flowers that come from out of the state require a lot more maintenance, and are harder to raise as a result. Native plants are used to the climate and resources in your area, so they require less maintenance overall.

Incorporate Smart Irrigation

Smart Sprinkler Irrigation

One of the best ways to lower the amount of maintenance you need to do in your yard is to install an irrigation system. Plants and the law need a lot of water, and it can be tiring to bring out the hose each day to water them. A sprinkler irrigation system will ensure that everything will get the proper amount of water without you needing to do any extra work. Adding to this, Hillsborough Irrigation and Landscape Services offers irrigation systems with smart functionality. Our sprinklers water plants slowly and efficiently, so runoff will never be a problem in your yard. This system also includes a rain sensor, so the sprinklers can detect storms and prevent overwatering.

Bring in Mulch

Wood Chip Mulch

Mulch is another tool that can make working in your landscape a lot simpler. Many people use beds of mulch instead of grass for their gardens, because you do not have to worry about mowing around your plants. It is also pretty cheap to get a hold of, so by using mulch you spend a lot less money on yard maintenance.

Mulch can also help make the flowers you plant a lot healthier in the long run. Organic mulch breaks down over time, and serves as a fertilizer that can provide your plants with necessary nutrients. Also, mulch can prevent weeds from growing, since it blocks out the sunlight that weeds need in order to grow.

Of course, this removes one of the tasks you need to do for maintaining your yard.

Plant a Smaller Garden

Planted Daffodils

One of the biggest reasons why people have trouble maintaining their landscapes is because they plant too much stuff. Having a big, beautiful garden can make your yard stand out, but some people simply do not have the time or resources necessary to maintain them. If you want to make yard maintenance easier for yourself, you should focus on raising a much smaller garden.

Focus on bringing in a small amount of plants that require a reasonable amount of water. You should also avoid planting large shrubs in your garden; they tend to grow quickly so you will need to trim them often. By doing this, you can spend more time relaxing, since this smaller garden will be easier to raise.


Looking for some help with setting up a low maintenance landscape? Consider working with Hillsborough Irrigation and Landscape Services in the near future.