In New Jersey, we have finally broken free of this eternal winter and the sun has been shining. However, this brings on warm weather and in turn flea and tick season begins. Protect your pets by getting tick spraying on your property. Prepare your lawn for treatments with a few tips:

Hillsborough Irrigation: Tall Grass

If you have taller grass, try to keep it nice and trim because ticks love to hide in moist, dark grass. Bonus, ants enjoy shorter grass and they are one of the flea’s natural predators.

Hillsborough Irrigation: Wet Grass

We love to show pride in our homes and one way that one of my buddies enjoys doing so is by having lush and green grass. However, I have seen it get overwatered a bit. Wet grass attracts unwanted pests and ticks thoroughly enjoy a moist environment.

Hillsborough Irrigation: Pet Prevention

Make sure to frequently check out the areas where your pet hangs out the most. Pay special attention to darker areas like under porches or brush.

Hillsborough Irrigation: Natural Light

Use as much natural light as possible. If your home’s outside areas are under intense shade from larger than life trees, consider trimming the branches back and basking in the sunlight. This keeps your grass dry and pests a little more at bay.

Hillsborough Irrigation: Tick Prevention

Treat your lawn. Nothing is more important for your pet during the flea and tick season than you having your outside area of your home treated (it doesn’t hurt to have the inside done either). Prevention should always be your first step in the fight against fleas and ticks.


We know you love your pets, so show them by having your property treated by professionals before one small flea or tick becomes one huge problem. Give us a ring today to get your home and fur buddy protected by calling us at (908) 359-1898.

If you don’t believe us, see PetCareRx’s Flea and Tick Tracker for a prediction of your area’s threat.