Bluestone patios are a popular choice among Americans for backyard areas. When designed with moss and other greenery, these patios can add a rustic feel to outdoor areas. The bluestone works well for a variety of different walkways and patios. Learn more about the different types and benefits of bluestone.

Pro tip: No matter which bluestone you choose, landscape lighting makes your patio even more impressive at night.

Types of Bluestone

Bluestone Patio

Irregular Bluestone

Some homeowners appreciate the natural aesthetic of irregular bluestone. There is no set or predetermined shape, size, or thickness with irregular or also known as flagstones. In some applications, irregular bluestone is mixed with thermal bluestone. Irregular bluestone works well in walkways or other paths.

Thermal Bluestone

Thermal bluestone is set in shape and design with a predetermined thickness. Thermal bluestone works ideally for patio and pools areas, as it does not get slippery when water is present. Perfect for a summer party where people will be walking back and forth from your pool.

Benefits of Bluestone


Bluestone possesses strength and durability to resist heavy foot traffic damage for years to come.

Color Choice

Bluestone comes in a variety of different colors, offering the power of choice to homeowners. This natural stone comes in both lighter and darker shades of blue, as well as different shades of brown.

Eco-Friendly Material

Bluestone is a natural material that has a reduced impact on the environment. People searching for natural elements for their backyard should consider choosing bluestone.

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