Deer Resistant Plants for Zone 6 Landscapes

Deer are as common in New Jersey as kangaroos are in Australia. While outsiders think of these antlered animals as harmless, local clam-diggers have a different opinion….especially when they choose your lawn for dinner. Deer are a gardener’s nightmare: they come at night, silent, and hungry. You awake to find your landscaping devoured, chewed, and scavenged. That is, unless you plant the right kind of plants.

The following are plants you can trust to thrive in Zone 6 climates, like Hillsborough, NJ and be resistant to deer and other snacking critters.

English Boxwood

Two bushes of English Boxwood

Have a minimalist landscape with boxwood? No? Then perhaps it’s time to make a switch to this curb appeal landscaping style. Since boxwood isn’t on deer’s menu, your landscape will look impressive, well kept and munch-free all year round.


Two Juniper trees in a landscape

Like boxwood, juniper is a common shrub in landscaping. Many professionals love it for its Christmas-tree appeal, adding charm and verticality to landscape design. Homeowners love it because the deer leave it be.

Butterfly Bush

Full Butterfly Bush in bloom

Make no mistake, this bush attracts wildlife, but it’s the kind you want: pollinators. This shrub has beautiful purple flowers that grow in a long cone shape, bringing whimsical color to your landscape design. It’s a win for anyone who wants to bring colorful fun, watch some butterflies and never wake up to find it’s leaves chewed away by Bambi.


A close-up of Lavender

Lavender is an iconic flower. Its scent lines the cosmetic aisle of every NJ drug store and the plant itself is used in many holistic practices. While humans love it for their homes, deer aren’t a fan of the flower in the garden. Go ahead and plant this lovely scented, beautiful bloom without worry.

Lambs Ear

A close up of the plant, Lamb's Ear

Super soft, lambs ear is a plant with adorable leaves—they’re soft and fuzzy, just like its name suggests. You’ll enjoy stepping outside and feeling the velvety leaves, knowing that won’t be lunch for local woodland neighbors.

Rosemary and Basil

A close up on fresh basil leaves

New Jersey has a large Italian community. As any Italian grandmother knows, if you want to keep an herb garden, rosemary and basil are a must. When these plants mature, you’ll have fresh ingredients for your roast chicken, pesto, and other classic dishes.

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