How to Keep Your Lawn Green in the Dog Days of Summer

Dewy blades of Grass

New Jersey, like so many other states is fortunate enough to have all four seasons in turn. Unfortunately, this means that yards are subject to the temperatures of each, and summer can be brutal on grass. No matter where you live, if you’ve experienced brown, dry, dead lawns in the summer, we’re here to tell you that it’s preventable—your lawn can stay green and healthy even on the hottest day.

Here’s how to do it…

Irrigation is Key

Sprinkler head watering a lawn

It might seem like common sense that your lawn will need water for the grass to live, but it’s not quite that simple. Having an irrigation system installed is indeed the first step to truly acquiring a healthy lawn, but keep in mind the following points:

1. Water your yard in the morning.

This will help reduce evaporation, allowing the grass and other landscaping greenery to get the most water down at their roots. If you run your sprinkler system after 10am, you risk the majority of the water evaporating before it can be absorbed into the soil.

2. Where is the water going?

The water used to irrigate your yard doesn’t always go straight down to the plants’ roots. You’ll waste water if there is runoff. You can identify runoff if you see an excess amount of water in your patios and walkways, or puddles around the main watering area. If this happens consider moving the irrigation source to another spot.

3. Don’t run your sprinkler system in the rain.

Although the dog days of summer can be hot and dry, they also come with their fair share of thunderstorms. This is as easy as checking your local weather forecast and adjusting your sprinkler accordingly. Save your water and just let nature do it’s work on these days.

There is the possibility that your yard may be holding too much water and drowning your grass. If this is the case, professional drainage may be required.

Fertilize Your Yard

A Shovel filled with dirt in a garden

All living things need food, and the best way to feed your lawn is by giving it fertilizer. Appling fertilizer in hot weather will add extra sustenance to your grass. Applying a slow release fertilizer ever 6 weeks will keep your grass healthy while preventing it from growing too fast. Remember, you want to keep your yard green, not overgrown.

The Trick to Mowing

Close-up of a lawn mower on a sunny day

Everyone wants a yard with beautifully cut grass, but you want that grass to be between 3”-3.5” tall. Any longer than this, and the yard will look unkempt. Any shorter and you risk further damage to your yard. This is because shorter grass will produce shorter roots, and the longer the roots are the better they will be able to draw upon the water in the soil. Professional landscapers are experts at finding this balance.

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