Keep Your Landscape in Check During the Summer

Summer has arrived, which means people are going to be spending more time out in their yards. Outdoor activities are lots of fun during the summer, but they can also harm your landscape if you are not careful. The heat on its own creates problems for your lawn, but when everyone is outside walking over it more damage can occur. To keep your landscape healthy during this summer season, try using the following tips and tricks.

Prevent Pool Overflow

Backyard pool

If you are planning to open your pool for the summer you should keep an eye out to be sure that no water is spilling out. Summer rainstorms can be quite powerful, and if too much rain falls into your pool it could start overflowing. This excess water will spill out into your yard and cause a flood that could seriously harm your property. The flood could damage any furniture you set up outside, and your lawn could get crushed by the excess water. During the summer, you should always check the weather to see when a major storm is going to roll in. When you know a storm is coming, drain the water in your pool so there is less water inside when the storm arrives. As long as you keep the water level low before a storm hits you should be able to enjoy your pool without the need to worry about your yard flooding during the summer.

Kids Love to Play

Kids love playing outside during the summer, and since they have time off from school they are going to be outside a lot more often. It can be hard to keep children under control, but if you let them run wild your yard could be harmed in some way. For example, the kids might trample some of the flowers in garden yard if they are not paying attention. If you have kids, use these tips to keep them under control while they have time off from school. If there is a place you want the kids to keep away from, tell them to play in other parts of the yard. As an extra precaution, try placing small barricades around your garden to deter the children from going near it. Do you have a kid’s pool or some other game set up in the yard for the kids to use? These things can crush the lawn if they stay in the same place all day, so try moving them around to different spots each day.

What to Do For a Summer Party

Patio backyard

Most people hold parties during the summer, since they can use their yards to hold more guests. Lots of people come out to summer parties, and your lawn could be put at high risk if everyone starts walking over it. If you are hosting a party later in the summer, these are a few things you can do to protect your lawn and your landscape. Give your lawn the proper amount of water and fertilizer a couple of days before the party to make sure it is in good condition. Mow your lawn a few days before the party so it can grow back a little bit when the party day arrives, since this will give it a little more protection. If you want to keep guests away from certain parts of the yard, keep your lawn furniture and grill away from these locations. Finally, keep an eye on any pets your guests bring along, since they might try to dig up the yard if they are left alone.

Having a Party? Let the Lawn Dry Out

Yard sunrise

Are you planning to water your lawn the on the same day you are hosting a big summer party? If you are, you might want to change your course of action. Watering your lawn on the day of a big event makes the soil very damp, and this can have a serious impact on your yard if you have a lot of stuff set up in the backyard. If you have lawn furniture set up in your backyard it could sink into soil if it is damp enough. On a similar note, when people walk over damp soil their shoes might sink into the ground too. This can seriously harm your lawn’s roots, and if the roots are harmed enough the grass could start to die out. Avoid watering your lawn on the day of your big summer party, and try to get it done a couple of days in advance so the grass stays healthy.

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