Draining Solutions Are Important During the Summer

If you are thinking about installing a new drainage system in your yard, you might want to think about having this done during the summer. Most people handle drainage installation before winter arrives, since this is when rainfall is usually the most frequent. Despite this, there are few good reasons to get this installation done during the summer. Take some time to read about why you should be thinking about drainage solutions early in the summer.

Dry Soil Leads to Easy Installation

French Drain Installation


One reason why you should think about drainage solutions during the summer is because this is when they are the easiest to install. Since the weather is very warm during the summer the soil tends to be very dry. It is a lot easier to dig into the soil when it is dry, so installing a drainage solution during the summer tends to be a much easier process.

If you wait too long to install your drainage solution you might have to deal with natural inconveniences. Rain comes down a lot more during the other seasons of the year, especially winter, and the installation process can get a lot harder when the soil is wet. If you want to install a drainage solution before the winter rain hits you might want to get it done while the soil is still dry.

Summer Storms Hit Hard

Rain Falling

While most people associate summer with clear and sunny skies, rain can still be a major problem during this period of time. Summer thunderstorms tend to be strong when they do show up, mainly because the humidity can be quite strong during this season. If you do not have an effective drainage solution in place when these storms hit, your yard could see some major damage.

These storms hit hard and leave behind a lot of water, and if you do not have proper drainage your yard could get flooded. To make matters worse, that excess water could run off and eventually seep into your house if it builds up too much. Summer storms do not appear that often, but they can cause some serious damage if you do not have a good draining system ready to go.

Check Your Gutters

If you have gutters set up along your house you should probably check them out before the summer arrives. Most houses are built with rain gutters, and they help divert excess rainwater away from your house. As mentioned before, summer storms can hit hard, so if your gutter system is not in check you might have some serious problems on your hands. These issues could range from a flooded yard to structural damage to your house.

As the summer begins it would be a good idea to inspect your gutter to make sure that it is not clogged up. There may be some stuff left over from the fall, so make sure that everything is cleared out. Check to see if the gutter is damaged, because any leaks in the gutter could lead to issues when a storm rolls in. Test your gutter with some water of your own to make sure that it is working properly after you inspect it.

Standing Water Leads to Infestations

If you own a property with flat land it will be very hard for excess rainwater to move elsewhere. This will leave pools of standing water in your yard, and they can do major damage to both your home and your landscape if they are not dealt with. To make matters worse, mosquitos thrive in the summer, and if they are allowed to breed in the pools of standing water you might have to deal with a mosquito infestation.

There are many different types of draining solutions that can be used to prevent standing water from building up in your yard. One example is the French drain, which uses a trenched design that can transport water that will not move. You should consider installing a draining solution for the summer so you do not have to deal with the problems caused by excess stormwater.

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