Excellent Patio Installation Ideas

A beautiful patio can make a great centerpiece in your backyard, but it can be a lot more. Some people have turned their patios into outdoor bars, and others have installed patios with more artistic designs. By incorporating additional features and specific materials into your patio design, you can make your landscape into the talking point among your friends and family. If you are looking to do something fresh with your patio, check out these ideas for some inspiration.


Build a Patio Kitchen or Bar

Outdoor Kitchen

If you frequently hold barbeques or other events at your house, you should consider expanding your patio so you can make your audience comfortable. A great way to do this is to build an outdoor kitchen or bar into your patio layout. Being able to prepare and serve food and drinks outside keeps people from having to go inside each time they want refreshments, making for a much more relaxing environment.

Landscapers can help you build a grill into stone structures around your patio so you can cook burgers and other meals in a sleek, natural display. From there, walls can be built around the patio to serve as tables, so everyone has a place to sit outside and eat.

If you want to incorporate a bar as well, you can set up wooden shelves along the patio walls to store drinks that you can serve to guests once the installation is finished.

Incorporate a Fire Pit

Fire Pit Patio

Many newer patio layouts are designed around the inclusion of fire pits. Fire pits are very popular, since they are excellent for keeping your landscape warm. By having one you can sit outside when the weather starts getting colder, giving your patio more purpose during the winter and fall. Not to mention, the fire from the pit adds a nice bit of ambience and light at nighttime.

If you do not plan to use the area around the fire pit to serve food, you will need to keep it away from other features to prevent incidents with the fire. A landscaper will help you determine the best position for the pit so everyone is comfortable sitting around it. You will also get the choice to fuel your fire pit using wood or gas, though gas is usually safer, since it is easier to control.

After the fire pit patio is finished, you can arrange the chairs around the pit so you can sit down with friends and family around the inviting flames.

Mosaic Patios

Some people like to mix things up with their patio designs, and one way you can do this is by designing a patio that looks like mosaic art. Mosaic is a popular art form, and is made by taking different colored materials of varying shapes and designs to form an image. By mixing a variety of pavers and stones together, a landscaper can do something similar with your patio installation.

To make the installation easier for everyone, create a sketch of the design you want, marking the colors you want to use. From there, the landscapers can make recommendations for the types of pavers and materials that should be used. After the patio is finished, the empty spaces will be filled up so no one will trip over them.

At the end of the installation, you will have a patio with plenty of artistic flair, and your yard will be the topic of discussion around your neighborhood.

Bluestone for Pools, Walkways, & a Stylish Aesthetic

Perhaps you are not interested in extra additions, and are just looking for a simple, but aesthetically pleasing patio design. If this is what you are after, you cannot go wrong with building a bluestone patio in your backyard. Bluestone pavers come in luxurious shades of blue, so patios that are built with them have very distinct designs.

Bluestone is durable, and lasts a long time without scratching, so it is recommended if you want to build a pool with a patio surrounding it. A few slabs of bluestone can also enhance your patio, since they can be used as stepping stones for your outdoor garden. Bluestone is a bit expensive, but its versatility makes it an easy recommendation for any patio design.


Any of these ideas catch your interest?
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