When Should You Build a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are rigid structures that are built to retain soil in a particular location. Under normal circumstances, soil will erode over time, but with a retaining wall that soil will be kept in place. There are also additional benefits to using retaining walls, such as preventing floods during large storms. The cost depends size of the project, and the materials being used, but the benefits more than justify the price.

Retaining walls can be beneficial for certain homeowners, so continue reading and see whether or not you need one for your landscape.

Retaining Soil if You Live On or Near a Hill

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If you live on a hill, or at the bottom of one, you are a prime candidate for a retaining wall installation. Erosion can be a major problem when you live near a hill, because when the soil starts moving away loose pieces of debris may start rolling down with it. If your house is on the bottom of that hill, that debris could roll into your landscape, messing up your yard or damaging your property.

A retaining wall can keep soil in place, which will help keep debris out of your property. This is also good for protecting the foundation of your home, since soil erosion can cause foundation problems if you live on directly on a slope. As long as the retaining wall is built with the right materials, you can avoid all of these potential problems, and keep your landscape in good condition.

You Need Protection from Flooding


Retaining walls are also helpful for people who live in sloped areas that get a lot of rain. Living on a slope can be dangerous during huge storms, since the rainwater can quickly move down into your landscape. The soil and debris that rolls down slopes due to erosion can also add to this problem, since they can clog your drainage solution if you have one.

With retaining walls, you can build a barrier for your home, preventing the rainwater from getting into your property in large quantities. Also, the retaining wall will prevent erosion, and protect your drainage solutions from being damaged by loose debris. Rain can hit some areas pretty hard, especially in the summer, so if you live on a hill you should definitely consider installing a retaining wall.

If you do not have a drainage system, you can have your landscaper build one into the wall to prevent water problems. It is not necessary, but it is recommended.

Retaining Walls for In-Ground Pool Owners

In-Ground Pool

If you are planning to build an in-ground pool for your landscape soon, you may benefit from having a retaining wall. When planning out an in-ground pool, the land you have to build it on needs to be perfectly level before any work can be done. If you live on a slope or hill, you will absolutely need a retaining wall before you can get started on your pool.

You do not want excess rainwater or debris to roll into your pool, and a retaining wall can prevent that from happening. When it comes to designing a retaining wall for a pool, slab is typically one of the best materials to use. After everything is done, you can even plant some shrubs or plants in the soil on top of the wall to add a luxurious look to your pool area.

You Want to Give Your Landscape a Fresh Look

While retaining walls have many practical purposes, they are also helpful if you want to enhance your landscape’s appearance. Retaining walls come in many shapes and designs, and some are so eye-catching that certain homeowners want to have them just because they look nice. Some people even plant gardens in the soil on top of the retaining walls, since they can give their landscapes very professional designs.

Many of the rocks used to build retaining walls have stylish colors, and you can also use a mix of uneven stones to give your yard a unique, rustic vibe. These walls can also be built with curved designs if you are looking to do something a little different with your landscape. If you want to create a luxurious outdoor space in your backyard, you cannot go wrong installing a retaining wall.


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