Craft Your Landscape Using Natural Stones

If you are planning to incorporate a stone patio or walkway into your yard you might want to consider using natural stones that are native to your home state. Natural stones are versatile and durable, making them great tools for any type of landscaping project. Below you can find information about stones from New Jersey that are frequently used to design home landscapes. Take some time to read about each stone so you can determine which one will suit your yard the best.


Bluestone Patio Design

Bluestone is a popular choice for people looking to install patios or walkways into their landscapes. As a natural material, bluestone has a reduced impact on the environment, making it a popular material for people who want to be environmentally aware. This durable stone is also has a luxurious look that can bring any landscape to life.

Bluestone is known for appearing in many different shades of blue, which gives home owners plenty of options when planning their landscapes. If you want to use the stone with its natural aesthetic you have the option to use irregular bluestone, which is also known as flagstone. If you are having trouble deciding on a stone to use for you landscaping plan, bluestone is a reliable choice to go with.


Recognized for its red and brown colors, brownstone is a building material that is quite popular along the East Coast. While brownstone is traditionally used in New York architecture, many New Jersey homeowners have found use for it in landscape design. The stone’s unique shape and design make it a great tool if you want to design a patio that stands out.

Brownstone is also a versatile material, which means it can be used for more than just patio design. To give an example, it can be used to construct a stone staircase right in your backyard. If you are looking to use a stone that has a multitude of uses, you should consider using brownstone.


Another material that is popular for landscaping is limestone, a type of stone that is typically used to make concrete. Northeastern home owners are quite fond of limestone, and many of them like to use it for landscaping plans. The stone comes in a variety of colors, which means it can be used to create many different patterns in your yard.

Limestone’s strong durability allows it to do well against rain and other outside elements, so it is frequently used to build outdoor patios. Limestone can also be used to design raised flower beds, walls, and other outside features. Limestone’s wide range of colors and uses make it an effective building material for any kind of landscaping project.


One other type of stone that is effective for landscape design is fieldstone. As the name implies, it is a stone that is collected in its natural form along fields and other grassy surfaces. This stone comes in many different varieties, and as a result it is available in many different colors.

Fieldstone is traditionally used to build walls, fireplaces, flower beds, and walkways, but it can also be used to develop interesting patio designs. Fieldstone can give your yard a more rustic look if that is what you want to go for. It is also easy to use in a landscaping project, since you do not usually need adhesives to keep everything together. It isn’t the first choice everyone thinks of, but fieldstone makes for an interesting tool in landscaping.

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